For over 28 years, Daryll and Kay Jacobson owned the Wisdom River Gallery in Wisdom, Montana, until a fire destroyed the business on May 31st, 2010. The Jacobson's are pleased to announce their newest endeavor, The Silver Mine. The new business features clothing, gifts, furnishings, jewelry, and Kay Jacobson's card line of images of the Big Hole Valley. In addition to the new business , The Crossing Bar & Grill @ Fetty's in Wisdom, Montana, is pleased to feature prints, vintage lamps and photo shades from the Silver Mine. The Montana Lodge also has many of the Silver Mine's western prints and furnishings, designed by Kay Jacobson. 

The most exciting new development for the store is the acquisition of a 100 year old house from a homestead in the Big Hole Valley. Uninhabited for years, the Thompson Homestead sat about 14 miles from Wisdom on a knoll overlooking the flood plains of the Big Hole River. The house was moved log by log to Wisdom and now sits on the former site of the Wisdom River Gallery. 


 Photo Card Line by Kay Jacobson

Inspired by the old west way of life still alive in the Big Hole Valley, Kay Jacobson has captured the beauty of the west through her photos. Kay has lived in the Big Hole for years and has a passion to take photos of draft horses, cow dogs, haying and everyday life in the valley. Below are examples of her work which are now available at The Silver Mine, The Montana Lodge, and The Crossing Bar and Grill. For more information please contact Kay by email or telephone (406)689-3400 or (406)689-3188.